Why not switch? There’s nothing to lose!

Switching energy supplier has never been easier, but despite this, over 50 percent of us have never given it a go. It’s a strange thing, as a quick call or a few clicks on a website can genuinely end-up saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

The energy market is unique in-the-fact that millions of people continue to pay the most expensive rates for their energy, despite having the options not to.

When the car insurance renewal comes up we spend time looking for the best deal, we drive to supermarkets to fill-up as its slightly cheaper, we look for bargains in the sales, we spend hours looking for discount holidays and flights. So why don’t we do it with energy? Something that we have to use every day.

You don’t actually see the money you save.

If someone handed you £200 in cash would you turn it down? Obviously not, but according to research many people don’t transfer because the notion of saving that money in a year’s time doesn’t warrant 10 minutes of their time. The saving doesn’t feel real, so many don’t bother.

Its 200 Quid!

Whether, you see the money instantly or in a year. It is still a decent chunk of money. Why should a huge profit-making company keep that money, rather than you? It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s a load of hassle and takes ages’

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The process from quote- to-switch takes as little as 21 days and all need is your postcode and a meter reading. Your new supplier takes care of all the boring admin stuff and even sorts everything out with the old supplier. You don’t even need to speak to them.

‘I am in a contract and I’ll be charged an exit fee’

Some suppliers entice new customers with fixed terms deals. (Usually at the expense of loyal customers who are left on the most-costly tariffs). These deals often come with an exit fee. Here at Fischer Energy, we think exit fees should be scrapped. They reduce competition, limit customer choice and are unfair. We are so anti-exit fee that we decided, if you join us - we will credit any exit fees to your first bill!

‘I’m not allowed to switch because I rent my home’

The energy regulator Ofgem published new guidelines in 2013 ensuring renters have the right to switch supplier. It’s not fair that your landlord decides who supplies your energy. It’s you who will be paying the bills so look into switching, you may be surprised at just how much you save.

‘I worry about losing my supply if I switch’

We hear this quite often and it is usually based on horror stories played-out in the media. You can rest-assured though, no energy supplier has their own access to you gas and electricity. It all comes from the same place and delivered into your home in exactly the same way, whoever your supplier is. If you switch you will not suffer any loss of supply.

So there we have it, any concerns about switching energy supplier should now have been quashed.

If not, here’s a quick fire reminder of why you should at least consider it and us, Fischer Energy.

  1. You could save over £200 a year.
  2. It’s a quick and hassle free process
  3. Exit fees paid.
  4. Your energy supply is guaranteed
  5. You will be backing a British independent company

It’s all very simple really. Go on, give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?

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