SMART Meters – The next generation.

The technical geeks here at Fischer Energy can’t contain their excitement at the moment. We recently had a visit from a new smart meter (SMETS 2) and it was similar to watching children playing with a box of fluffy kittens. Gasps of wonderment echoed around the office as the mesmerized nerds marveled at this little grey box that is set to change the future of energy.

We are one of the first independent suppliers to begin the processes to roll-out the next generation of smart meters. From the beginning of next year, our customers will have the opportunity to benefit from this revolutionary technology that is likely to make a real difference to our lives. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about, so here is a quick guide to some of the magic SMETS 2 are capable of.

  • They can measure how much energy you are using every 30 minutes.

  • Have the ability to detect a power cut early and restore the service quicker.

  • Provide greater control over time-based tariffs. For example, with an economy 7 tariff, customers can lower their electricity demand during the peak periods.

  • They will end estimated bills.

  • Customers will be able to reduce their energy consumption as they will have a far better understanding of their usage and the associated costs.

A recent survey conducted by Smart Energy GB has found that smart meters really are working for customers, and helping them save money on their bills.

85% of people with smart meters have changed the way they do things around the house to use less energy, 63% have looked into ways to use less energy and 56% have made changes to their home to be more energy efficient.

When you can actually see in pounds and pence what something is costing, it can be a great motivator to change your habits.

Here at Fischer Energy we are currently going through all the processes and procedures to be able to roll out SMETS 2 towards the end of this year. Watch this space.

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