Escape from an excessive energy bill nightmare!

This Halloween, keep ghouls, goblins and gruesomely gargantuan gas (and electricity) bills at bay.

Keep the curtains closed at night – it will keep the heat in and creatures of the night out! – Boo-tiful.

It really is frightening how much heat can be wasted through the windows. It may seem obvious but make sure you draw the curtains as soon as the sun goes down. It is equally important to remember to open them again in the morning as sunshine through the day will bring a touch of warmth to your home in time for you to get home and repeat the cycle.

Banish bats from the home by installing a chimney balloon. It will also ensure heat can’t escape and keep you nice and cosy. – Fang-tastic!

You can pick up chimney balloons for under a tenner and they can make a real difference to the size of your heating bills. Think of them as double glazing for your chimney. The balloons are easy to install and stop warm air from escaping and cold air from getting in. They also help block out pollution, last for years and make it impossible for wildlife, witches and debris from falling in to the living room.

One thing to remember- make sure you deflate the balloon if you are going to light a fire, otherwise things really will get spooky.

Trick or treat yourself to energy-saving LED lightbulbs and see energy fall by 80%

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing humerus about spending hundreds of pounds on your lighting. Replacing a traditional light bulb with an LED alternative can save you £35 a year. Even better, the savings keep on coming as they have a life expectancy of over 13 years. Unlucky for some!

Keep warm in the evening by doing a spot of exorcise.

An evening work-out is a great way of raising your spirits and an opportunity to turn off the heating for a bit. Stretch those bones and get the blood pumping. Ghoul probably live longer and save money while gore at it. (Too much?)

Keeping appliances on standby guarantees an energy-sucking horror story. Kill the switch before bed and rest in peace.

Think of that little red light as a blood-thirsty vampire sucking the life out of its unfortunate victim! - OK, maybe I’m overdoing it, but the average household can add an extra evil £86 a year to bills, just by avoiding this one second job.

Don’t try to bring back old appliances from the dead. If your TV is older than 15 years a new one will pay for itself in energy savings in no time.

We’re a nation of zombies when it comes to the television. We spend a truly terrifying 59 days a year staring at the tube. That doesn’t come cheap when it comes to energy. Invest in an LED model which are thought to consume 30% less power than plasma sets. Keep an eye out for the energy efficiency label and look for an A or A rating.

With no Halloween pun(kin)s left to exploit, I fear the end is nigh. So try my tips and lick your lips-your savings will fly high.

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