One Fair Tariff


It’s hammered into us from an early age; ‘life isn’t fair, get used to it!’ For a lot of people this might ring true with their experiences of their energy supplier. Why are you paying more for your gas and electricity than the family over the road? Why is it so hard to get your money back when your account is in credit? Why have you been on hold to your energy supplier for half-an-hour? Why do you have to pay pricey exit fees for wanting to leave?

 These are just some of the reasons why lots of us think we’re not being treated fairly by energy companies. So, what can you do about it…?

Well, we can’t promise to make everything in life go your way, but what we can do is ensure your energy is provided in an uncomplicated, honest and yeah, you guessed it, fair way. Here’s a bit of detail about our best and only tariff – the One Fair Tariff.

What is it?

It kind of does what it says on the tin! We believe that if you have the right tariff for your customers, there is absolutely no-need to offer anything else. (Apart from great customer service and fabulous rewards of course).

We don’t think customers should be charged more based on how they pay their bills, we don’t think it’s right that neighbours pay different rates, we also think that customers shouldn’t be charged extra for doing their bit for the environment, which is why the electricity we supply is 100% renewable and comes as part of our One Fair Tariff.

No Fixed Contracts!

We’re confident that once you’ve joined Fischer Energy you won’t want to go anywhere else. If you do make that decision, we’ll be sad to see you go, but we won’t expect any exit fees or cancellation costs. The One Fair Tariff will always continue to provide you with the best price we can, not for the short term, but for all time. 

Many suppliers offer fixed term contracts but when that term finishes you either have to spend time shopping around again or be automatically transferred to a standard tariff, where you’ll end up paying far more. How’s that for loyalty?

We’ll Pay Your Exit Fees!

If you fancy a change but are stuck in a contract with your current supplier fear not, as we will happily pay your exit fee if you switch to us. This will be credited to your first statement. You can’t say fairer than that!

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