How much energy do you need to run the London Marathon?

It’s that time of year again when thousands of brave souls take to the streets of our nation’s capital and face the challenge of the London Marathon. From the elite athletes looking to be victorious, to the first-timers doing it for ‘fun’ or a worthwhile cause, there is no doubt that, whatever your ability, completing the 26.2 miles takes a lot of effort, and a fair bit of energy too.

The London marathon’s famous route snakes through our nation’s capital. From the starting gun at Greenwich Park, around the Cutty Sark, over Tower Bridge, through Canary Wharf and finally up to Buckingham Palace and down the Mall to St James’ park for a well-earned rest.

This year, a record-breaking 253,930 hopeful people applied to take part in this year’s jaunt around the capital.

You do the maths!

For the number boffins out there, we thought it would be good to settle down with our calculator and work out just what it takes to cross that finishing line.

It is thought that the average runner burns around 100 kcals for every mile of the course. So over the entire race that amounts to 2,620 kcals. Let’s put this into context.

Booze and Fast Food

For those who like a tipple, that’s about 16 pints of lager, or 38 glasses of Prosecco.

For fast-food lovers you could munch through a chicken chow mein, three crispy duck pancakes, a portion of prawn crackers, sweet and sour beef, egg fried rice, a fish and chip supper, a battered sausage and if you’re feeling really peckish, finish it all off with a prawn biriyani.

We can convert calories into a unit for measuring electricity. 1kcal equals 0.00116222 kWh, which means each individual runner generates 3.045 kWh of energy.

This is enough electricity to charge your tablet for a year, blow-dry your hair for three months or power your fridge freezer for 66 days.

Now for the really impressive figures. If we could harness the energy produced by the entire field of runners it would equate to a whopping 773,216.85 kWh. (253,930 runners × 3.045 kWhs) That’s enough to power 193 homes in the UK all year, or as the runners pass it on the way to the finishing line, Buckingham Palace for 53 days of the year! (Yes, the Queen had a £774,000 electric bill in 2014)

So, good luck to all the runners this year, get round safe and, remember that you will have burnt enough calories to polish off 10 Mars bars or 3 pizzas or even 2-and-a-bit doner kebabs without putting on any extra weight!

Or you may, just want to go to bed.

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