10 top tips to get a good night’s sleep this summer.

Temperatures soared this week and the usual national embrace of the hot weather ensued. All across the country, BBQ’s have been fired up, paddling pools filled, and beer gardens gloriously packed with rapidly reddening Brits has been commonplace.

We all love the sunshine. We want it all year round. Don’t we?

The problem is we’re not accustomed to this kind of weather. We struggle to cope in these temperatures and tempers begin to flare. Suddenly it gets to the point where enough is enough!

‘It’s just too hot,’ ‘I can barely breathe,’ ‘It’s sticky weather’ ‘You could fry an egg out here’

Etcetera Etcetera

The cries of despair become more severe when it comes to bedtime and it seems the entire country, as one is struggling to drift off in bedrooms muggier than a Death Valley kebab shop.

So, as your friendly neighbourhood energy company, here is the definitive top 10 tips to help keep you cool and tranquil. Follow our advice, and rest-assured you shall be drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

Freezing’s dreaming

Place sheets and pillowcases in a plastic bag and pop them in the freezer for 30 minutes before bed. Lovely!

Walk Sleep like an Egyptian

Dampen a sheet or towel in cool water and use as a blanket to drape over yourself. This may take a bit of getting used to, but they’ve been doing it since 3500 B.C in Cairo, so there must be something in it.

Soggy bottom?

Not just for a lemon drizzle or Victoria sponge - Fill a baking tray with ice and place it in front of your fan to produce a refreshingly cool mist.

Chill your boots

Or pulse points by applying ice packs to the wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and knees.

Treat your feet

Cool down your whole body by dunking feet in cold water before bed. Go even further and leave a bucket by the bed, and if you wake up, repeat the process. Just be careful not to let your hand fall into the bucket once asleep – we all know what happens next in that scenario.

Turn off, tune out, drop off

Unplugging your electronics will reduce total heat in your home and help save energy.

Love is all you need (to avoid)

Not great for summery romance- but a cuddle in bed increases body heat, guaranteeing yucky sweaty stickiness. Head for the spare bedroom for a night of unbridled joy.

Stay away from the light

Keeping blinds and curtains closed throughout the day will stop your home turning into a greenhouse.

How low can you go?

Hot air rises, so try sleeping on the floor or downstairs if you’re really struggling. Or, dig a hole in the garden.

Tikka chance on me

You may not fancy it, but a hot ‘n’ spicy curry stimulates heat receptors in the mouth, enhances circulation and makes you sweat – cooling you down! A perfect excuse to enjoy the UK’s national dish.

If you have followed all these tips and are still thrashing around, staring at the ceiling waiting for the torment to end. Remember, this is Britain, it will soon be cold and damp again and then there will be nothing else to moan about.

Goodnight and sweet dreams all.

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